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Measuring Your Wall

Helping you order the correct amount of wallpaper.

So, you've browsed our site, chosen your design, and now you need to know how many rolls to order. In order to do that, you first need to measure the walls that you're looking to wallpaper.

Even the most awkward walls deserve to look great, so we've provided some simple guidance on how to measure different wall types below.

Standard square or rectangle walls - Simply measure the height and width of your walls. Our handy calculator (found on product pages) will do the rest.

Sloped or pitched wall - Where your wall has one or more slopes, regardless of size, simply measure the tallest and widest parts of your wall and enter those dimensions on our calculator to find out how many rolls you need.

Walls with doors, windows, or other obstacles - Again, simply measure the tallest and widest parts of your wall. Areas where there is an obstacle will be cut away during installation.

Multiple walls - If you're looking to use a single design across multiple walls, combine the widths of all of the walls that you're wanting to cover and enter this as your measurement when using our calculator.

If you have any questions or are unsure, please contact the team.