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At Bobbi Beck, sustainability isn't just important to us, it's at the centre of what we do. And it's not just about creating an eco-friendly product, it's about doing businesses in a way that contributes positively to our world in every sense; environmentally, socially and economically. We're proud to say that we're a carbon neutral company.

Unfortunately, there's a growing issue of companies securing carbon neutral status, not by reducing their carbon output, but by purchasing unqualified offsetting schemes and calling that progress. That's why a carbon neutral status alone is not enough to know if a brand is truly a more sustainable option. We believe in providing greater transparency into our sustainability credentials.

In 2023, Bobbi Beck emitted 9 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. We offset this carbon by supporting a Gold Standard clean energy projects, through our sustainability partners Ecologi. You can learn more about the project, as well as our tree-planting initiative here:

As a company, our sustainability strategy is as important as our commercial strategy. We've designed our sustainability efforts into a simple 3-part framework;

Our sustainability framework

A greener model

Large stock-based companies require large storage facilities to stock thousands of rolls of wallpaper. These big warehouses are bad for the environment, using up lots of energy and pushing CO2 into the atmosphere. 

When a particular design hasn’t sold as well as hoped, these surplus rolls end up heavily discounted, sold off to bargain resellers or worse, in landfill.

With our made-to-order model, we only make the product when the customer buys it. This means that we don’t hold large quantities of stock, allowing us to work from a much smaller space, which reduces our carbon footprint. Our print studio and office space is BREEAM certified and runs on 100% renewable energy. As a made-to-order brand, we produce next-to-no waste.

Certified sustainable - we're carbon neutral

A greener product

Many wallpapers on the market have environmental issues for a variety of reasons. Many are made with toxic inks and materials that are harmful for the planet.

At Bobbi Beck, we have gone to great lengths to source materials that are kinder to the planet. Our paper is sourced from certified sustainable forests and 90% of the wallpaper we sell is PVC-free. The inks that we print with are water-based, so non-toxic and the cartridges are recycled after use. 

Our packaging is 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable as it’s made up of only paper and cardboard. Inks used in printed materials are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We continually work to reduce the carbon footprint we create when sourcing packaging.

Certified sustainable - we're carbon neutral

A greater impact

While reducing our negative impact on the planet is a good thing, having a positive impact on the plant is better. That’s why we work with partners to support environmental projects around the world. We’re a DHL Go Green Partner, meaning we pay extra for shipping, with a portion of that payment going towards Gold Standard accredited ecological projects. We also work with Ecologi to plant a tree in a UK forest for every sale we make and support Gold Standard offsetting projects with them.

Certified sustainable - we're carbon neutral