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Bobbi Beck

Metaverse 2.0


Exploring the metaverse with Nicholas Baker

Our Metaverse 2.0 collection is an exclusive range of wallpapers designed in collaboration with Nicholas Baker. An exploration of mechanical drawing systems, the designs were created using custom 3d printed gears inspired by the classic Spirograph toy. The collection features four patterns and one mural.


Spirograph abstract spiral wallpaper

£76.00 per roll


Spirograph abstract diamond wallpaper

£76.00 per roll


Spirograph abstract scale wallpaper

£76.00 per roll


Spirograph abstract line mural

£28.00 per m2


Spirograph abstract wave wallpaper

£76.00 per roll

Nicholas Baker

About Nicholas Baker

Nicholas is a Brooklyn-based industrial designer with an experimental and playful approach to design. With a range of NFTs to his name already and an interest in exploring the Web 3 movement, he was the perfect designer to approach our Metaverse 2.0 collection.